Life often surprises us with moments of quiet revelation.

They demand our attention, even if only a shift in the way we view our corner of the world.

Last October, I had an encounter in Germany that led to just such a moment.

Taking place 7,712 kilometres from home, that encounter altered my view of Barbados and its “hidden” promise within the global community of nations.

I was in Berlin as part of a small group of international experts supporting Middle Eastern interests as they met with world-class Research Centres to finalise working partnerships designed to position their country as a leader in innovation among member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

So it was I found myself at a reception selecting delicious finger foods while conversation swirled around me.  After careful observation, I picked a likely table of guests and chose an open seat.  By happy coincidence, I ended up next to a distinguished geologist who seemed thrilled to learn of my Barbados connection.

The island, he said, is a fascinating study in the science of earth’s origin, history, and physical structure.

How so?  I asked.

He had arrested my attention.

He explained that Barbados sits above two of the earth’s tectonic plates.  He offered to draw a picture.  The only available surface was a white appetiser napkin I asked him to sign after he illustrated his point.

I still have the napkin.

It shows the island we call Barbados positioned over two tectonic plates in such a way that as they shift over time, sediment builds and lifts the landmass higher.

What an amazing notion! … from a mystical perspective.

Barbados rises.

No matter the earth’s upheavals, Barbados is geologically positioned, physically engineered, to rise.

And if you believe, as I do, in the interconnectedness of all things, then as Barbados rises, so too the Caribbean region.

So I give you Barbados Rising … the theme of my new blog.

In Part II of this entry, I’ll share the blog’s rationale and the style it aims to capture.